Audi Quattro Coaster Brings the Showroom to Your Home

Car manufacturer Audi have released a new augmented reality (AR) app that allows a user to bring one of four models of the Audi Quattro into their own home.

Audi Quattro Coaster screenshot 1

By using a device to scan a room a user will be able to view a detailed model of the Audi Quattro right in the comfort of their own home. The digital recreation of the car can be viewed in full-size to see how it fits in your driveway or placed on a table to allow for more compact exploration. All the details are faithfully captured even down to the interior of the car resulting in the same experience as attending a showroom.

On top of viewing the Audi Quattro the Audi Quattro Coaster app also allows users to create their own track and take it for a test drive. By holding down the red button in the app and then moving forward you can create a test track that is only limited by your available space and imagination. Take the course around chairs, under and over a table and up to the ceiling and back. Once finished the track remains in virtual space allowing a user to move around freely and study both the road and the cars in different angles. To showcase the four-wheel drive power that the Audi Quattro has the track will experience all four seasons and the cars will react accordingly, giving you a detailed test drive up close.

Audi Quattro Coaster screenshot 2

The Audi Quattro Coaster app will also let users see an extended version of the TV commercial by holding a device with the app open to your TV. When viewed this way, the camera will scan a point in the commercial which will then lead to the car continuing to move through the device screen, extending the content shown in the commercial.

The Audi Quattro Coaster app is currently only available on Apple iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 11 via the App Store but Audi is hoping to bring the app to Android in the future. As and when further details are released about the Android release and any updates VRFocus will keep you updated.