Atheer Release Augmentor For Microsoft Hololens, Bringing New Solutions To Industrial Issues

Anyone who’s worked in a busy creative or industrial environment will know that communication with your team is essential. Who’s tackling which tasks, how far each is to completion and so many more smaller aspects of projects that require micromanagement and excellent communication, and it can be difficult when you’re wrapped up in your projects. Of course, that’s exactly where companies such as Atheer get involved, because they can introduce new augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) technologies in order to streamline and revolutionise our busy work flows.

atheer air augmentor enterprise

Case in point; Atheer have partnered with Design Interactive to release a new program, Augmentor, which should help speed up and modernise work flows for companies around the world, using Microsoft Hololens head-mounted displays (HMDs) and Atheer’s award winning AiR Enterprise technology.

The new Augmentor program will help employees troubleshoot in AR, and use smart glasses to connect your physical and digital workspaces. A web console can be used to update team on tasks and progression, where the cloud based storage will allow other employees to easily access and view the same information.

Users of the technology can even livestream what they see to fellow employees or an expert, so they can be given hands on advice as they go. This speeds up the amount of troubleshooting time any one employee should have to go through to complete their tasks.

The mix of Design Interactive’s software and Atheer’s AiR Enterprise technology allows procedures to be created on the fly while in the field, or at home using Atheer’s web portal.

Soulaiman Itani is the chief executive officer and founder of Atheer, and he says; “Design Interactive is really forward looking. It has been focused on solving problems in some of the most challenging industries – such as heavy trucking and the military. It is Design Interactive’s insight from these applications that makes this relationship so promising.”

Design Interactive’s CEO Kay Stanney also has good things to say, saying; “We are excited about the partnership Atheer affords. What makes Atheer so appealing is not just their software, but their hardware experience. Most competitors make software. But in Atheer, we found a partner that has developed AR hardware and truly understands the entire AR ecosystem that brings value to a client.  That is simply unmatched in the marketplace.”

The product will be launched at the Truck Maintenance Council trade show and exhibition in Atlanta, GA, on March 5th. Let us know what you think of the new technology in the comments below, and stay on VRFocus for all of the latest AR news.