Arena Brawler Battlerite Adds VR Observer in Latest Update

Way back in 2016, VRFocus came across a Swedish developer called Stunlock Studios at Gamescom, showcasing free-to-play arena brawler BattleriteWhile Battlerite wasn’t a virtual reality (VR) title, the team were in the process of creating a VR spectator mode, allowing viewers to move around the arena and become part of the crowd. Battlerite launched into Steam Early Access that year, then in November 2017 exited Early Access. Now the studio has revealed that an upcoming patch will finally add ‘VR Observer’ mode.

Battlerite gameplay

The Season 1 patch will add a bunch of new features and content including regional leaderboards, pre-game lobby for League solo and team players, seasonal reward paths based on daily quests rather than the end of season placement, and of course VR Observer. Additionally, a mysterious new champion will be introduced with the upcoming update.

The studio has yet to reveal any further details about VR Observer, including compatible headsets and possible features. As it’s been 18 months since VRFocus last saw it in action a lot has likely changed. At the time there was only support for HTC Vive – this was pre-Oculus Touch and PlayStation VR remember – so its likely further headsets have been added.

One of the main functions that VR Observer mode was being built for was to do with recording gameplay footage, allowing for a much more natural, free-flowing, workflow. Thus enabling matches to be captured at any angle and from any distance, using a quick and easy ‘pinch to zoom’ operation, much like that found on smartphones.

Battlerite VR Observer Mode Still_2

“Season 1 focuses on the competitive side of Battlerite, yet also provides a more rewarding experience to both competitive and casual players”, said Peter Ilves, Game Director at Stunlock Studios in a statement. “From here on out, new Seasons will be regularly scheduled every 2-3 months and will average 10 weeks. All competitive players will have to consistently sharpen their skills in order to dominate the arena and keep the lead throughout the Seasons.”

Stunlock Studios says the Season 1 patch will launch on 7th of March 2018. Battlerite can be downloaded free of charge from Steam. For any further updates on the VR mode, keep reading VRFocus.