After the Success of 2017’s VR Diversity Initiative, Catherine Allen Hands over Leadership to Nina Salomons

Catherine discusses the success of the VR Diversity Initiative.

In 2017, the VR Diversity Initiative was founded by CEO of Limina Immersive, Catherine Allen, with the goal of raising awareness of the need for diversity in the immersive sector at an early stage in its development. Due to the initiative’s vast success, the demand from prospective participants and the time required to make the most of its potential, Allen has handed over the reins to VRFocus journalist, Nina Salomons.

In 2017, the Diversity Initiative delivered a boot camp for people from underrepresented groups and backgrounds who want to develop their career in the immersive media sector. Participants were mentored by some of the UK’s leading VR creators. Allen also spearheaded a press and social media campaign which resulted in the hashtag #VRdiversity trending nationally, plus in-depth coverage on BBC radio, The Guardian and other major outlets. The concept spread internationally with a Canadian VR Diversity Initiative also being founded. Several boot camp alumni have since gone on to run training workshops of their own and secure funding for their VR projects.
Catherine Allen commented: “It has been a great joy to see the Diversity Initiative evolve from a grassroots response to early signs of sexism in the VR industry into a fully-fledged, national initiative. Whilst I will still be involved as a founder and advisor, I am handing over the reigns to the incredibly talented and driven Nina Salomons. She is in a great position to take the initiative to the next level. Diversity is core to the way my company, Limina Immersive operates, and I will continue to push for the VR industry to be as representative of the population as possible.”
“I’m extremely grateful for all the help Catherine has given us,” said Salomons. “She’s been a great example and strong role-model as a female working in the VR space. I also want to thank Emma Hughes who works with Catherine, who has also been extremely helpful. I wish them all the best with Limina Immersive and I hope we can collaborate in the near future. I am really excited on leading the VR Diversity Initiative and hope to have a real impact on recruitment of talent and ‘out of the box’ ideas in new immersive technologies.”

To find out more about the VR Diversity Initiative please click here and to participate please click here. And of course keep reading VRFocus for the latest VR news from around the world.

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