3dRudder Announces Price Cut

3dRudder has been making something of a name for itself by providing an alternative method of controlling movement within virtual reality (VR) environments. This different approach to motion control is now within reach of more people with the announcement of the price drop.

3dRudder have been quite active in providing updates and new functionality for its flagship device, with new features and bug fixes being pushed out to users on a monthly basis. The drop in price to $99 (USD) will no doubt make the 3dRudder an even more attractive offer for VR users.

In addition to the price drop, 3dRudder have also announced that it will be bringing in native support for a number of popular ‘blockbuster’ videogames throughout 2018. The first title to have its developers work with 3dRudder is Dead Effect 2 VR by BadFly Interactive.

Dead Effect 2 VR is a space-horror shooter taking inspiration from films such as Event Horizon and videogames like the Dead Space series. 3DRudder support allows Dead Effect 2 VR players to delegate movement to their feet, thus freeing up the hands for the far more important business of shooting mutated crew members. As an added bonus, using 3dRudder means users can remain sitting in their comfortable chair of choice.

It was recently announced that 3dRudder will be bringing out a new version of its motion control device called the Blackhawk by the end of 2018, but for those who don’t want to wait, the current version of the 3dRudder controller is available through the 3dRudder website, or via Amazon and other large electronics retailers.

For more professional use, such as for those engaged in 3D modelling or VR development, a Business Edition of the 3dRudder is also available. The Business Edition allows for access to the SDK along with gaming engine resources. The 3dRudder business Edition is priced at $179.

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