You’ll Have to Wait to Become a Ninja Warrior as Sairento VR Launch Delayed

There’s been plenty of forward looking tech announced this week thanks to CES 2018 but little in the way of videogames. One title Oculus Rift and HTC Vive users might have been looking forward to next week was first-person shooter (FPS) Sairento VR by Mixed Realms. Today however, the studio has confirmed a launch delay, pushing the release into next month.

Sairento VR new screenshot 3

In a statement on Sairento VR’s Steam page the developer said: “We are very very very very sorry but we have decided to push back the exit from Early Access until 6 February 2018 and with it the Campaign Mode for the following reasons.

– We want to improve the game even more
– There are still some bugs left to catch
– We want to make the AI smarter

“In short, we could bring the game out of EA with the faults we are seeing, or we could give it a little bit more time and give you a much better game.

“This also impacts our launch on Oculus Home which may come a little later as we need to spend more time testing the game on the platform.”

It’s quite common for developers to push back a release to fine tune things – you wouldn’t want to purchase a broken videogame now would you? – but it does mean gamers will have to wait a few more weeks.

Sairento VR new screenshot 2

There is a golden nugget of news however. On 19th January – the original launch date – Mixed Realms will be pushing out a new update for early access players which will include the following:

– Tons of bug fixes
– More level variety
– More recording options
– More improvements to stealth AI
– Mirroring a third person view to the screen
– Better calibration process
– Improved Touch control integration and support (you can now toggle sticky grip and grip to hold)

Sairento VR will now leave Steam Early Access on 6th February 2018. Check out VRFocuspreview to see what the videogame is all about. For any further updates keep reading VRFocus.