WaveOptics Announces AR Module Program

Previously this week, we brought you news coming out of UK based technology company WaveOptics. WaveOptics’ business centres around the use of its waveguides as a key component in augmented reality (AR) enabled wearable devices and previously in this, CES 2018 week, it has revealed a new partnership with the Taiwanese firm Coretronic. A partnership that will, they hope, result in a number of advances and lead to an increase in AR being integrated within relatable systems as well as lowering costs. 

This has not been WaveOptics only announcement, however as it is also teaming up with Chinese firm Beijing Xloong Technologies Co. Ltd, one of the leading AR related companies in the region and a firm that styles itself as a “one-stop AR & VR solution provider” that caters to both industry and the regular consumer. Together the pair have announced their work on WaveOptics’ AR Module Program

“The Module Program enables customers to pilot and deploy commercial AR solutions that will make the consumer experience feasible.” Explains WaveOptics in a statement. “For the first time at an accessible price point, customers are able to create AR hardware, implement an AR system or access a pre-aligned AR module, making mass adoption of truly scalable and immersive AR experiences possible. WaveOptics’ patented technology, coupled with unparalleled expertise, enables real world applications across all leading market segments – enterprise, prosumer and consumer. The WaveOptics’ Module Program provides early access to waveguide development for faster prototyping, and access to evaluation, proof of concept, use case trials and an AR optical module for use in end user products. The AR modules consist of WaveOptics’ Phlox 40˚ waveguides, light engines and drivers mounted on a lightweight frame.”

Xloong Technologies is one of a number of commercial partners WaveOptics is collaborating with, which will also see it working with OEM and ODM customers in the US and other parts of Europe and Asia.

waveoptics-image“As a disruptive start-up focused on AR wearables, we are excited to be working with WaveOptics. WaveOptics has the manufacturing process, designing flexibility, price, and performance to make our AR wearable devices commercially and technically viable.” Commented Steve Shi, founder and CEO at Xloong Technologies.

“We are excited to have a number of tier one customers who are taking advantage of our Module Program, along with emerging disruptive AR start-ups, such as Xloong.” Added David Hayes, Shi’s opposite number at WaveOptics. “Our focus is to help hardware makers, platform owners and software developers to materialise an AR proposition. We achieve this by offering the key technology required at a price point that will allow AR end-user products to hit the market by 2019 for under $600.”

Back in July last year, WaveOptics was one of the many companies relating to immersive technologies that have been successful in acquiring £12 Million (GBP) in investment.  They would later in the year secure the services of Hayes as part of their management team, Hayes previously being DAQRI Vice President.

VRFocus will you bring you more news from around the VR and AR industries very soon.