VRLA 2018 Passes Go on Sale

For fans of virtual reality (VR) technology there are plenty of ways to get your hands on the latest tech. One of the best ways tends to be at events and if you happen to reside in California – or don’t mind travelling there – then one of the biggest dedicated shows is Virtual Reality Los Angeles (VRLA). Announcing that it would return in May 2018 back in September, the VRLA has now made passes available to buy.

Passes for the two day event start from $30 USD for students, giving access to the event on the Saturday, or $40 for standard visitors on the same day. The two-day pro pass is a little more expensive, setting you back $299. It does however give you an extra day to wander the show floor, making it less of a rush; access to professional and developer focused programmes and sessions. Plus, demo lines will be shorter which is always a bonus.

This year’s expo is set to feature hundreds of tech demos, educational sessions, presentations, and groundbreaking product launches from some of the most innovative technology companies. Currently, the VRLA has yet to reveal the lineup of exhibitors but there’s still several months to go.

“Excitement for VR and AR has never been solely about immersive headsets. It’s rooted in a deeper desire to better understand ourselves and reality itself, aligned with a new generation of  technologies capable of raising the collective consciousness,” said Cosmo Scharf, Co-Founder of VRLA in a statement. “With this year’s theme, ‘A New Reality,’ we’re expanding the expo’s scope beyond VR and AR to explore new ways emergent technology improves our lives in and out of the headset. New verticals include AI, internet of things, robotics, blockchain, 3D printing, alternative energy, cryptocurrency, biotech, and more.”

VRLA image 1

“We’re thrilled to offer attendees even more ways to taste the future and open a conversation about how technology can help us manifest the reality we deserve,” adds Scharf.

After nearly four years, VRLA has grown from a 100-person meetup group in 2014 into a two-day expo attracting 12,000 plus tech fans from around the world. As further details about the event are rel;eased, VRFocus will keep you updated.