VR Used By Wounded Warriors To Support Veterans

For those armed services personnel who are returning home from active duty in war zones, getting back to normal life can be hard. For those who have suffered injury or trauma, things are much worse. The Wounded Warriors Project (WWP) has begun using virtual reality (VR) as a means to help those veterans and their families.

The Wounded Warriors Project runs connection events that helps Warriors meet with others who have been similarly affected by their experiences in war. The Wounded Warriors project discovered that a majority of the injured veterans it works with prefer to talk to other veterans to sort out mental health issues, according to a survey conducted by the project. The survey also found that many veterans said that physical activity also helps with stress and emotional problems.

Wounded Warriors Project HTC vive

To combine the two, the WWP organised events where participants could enter a fantasy world to take part in friendly competition, or take over a spaceship as a space pirate, or help out in Doc Brown’s lab and interact with other Back to the Future characters.

“Most of the warriors were veterans that I’ve met before,” said Marine Corps Reserve veteran Rolly Alvarado. “So, when we weren’t playing, we were talking among ourselves. They’re a great group of people, and this event has inspired me to attend other gatherings and programs. Wounded Warrior Project to me, means camaraderie, empowerment, dedication to one another, and improving my outlook on life.”

The aim of these connection events is to allow veterans to connect with first-hand peer support, connecting them to each other and the communities they live in. The WWP provides programs that focus on mental and physical health, financial wellness, independence, community relations and partnerships.

Wounder Warriors Oculus Rift

“The event was incredibly entertaining, a good workout, and my group had an amazing time,” Rolly said. “The uniqueness of the event motivated me to sign up.”

Further information about other Wounded Warriors Project events and services can be found on the official website. For further news on new and innovative uses of VR technology, cheep checking VRFocus.