VR RTS Brass Tactics Gets New Details, Free Brass Tactics Arena Announced

Virtual reality (VR) gamers that love a bit of real-time strategy (RTS) action will be happy to hear that Brass Tactics is finally getting some new confirmed details. We’ve got information on the price, length, gameplay modes and more – in addition to the announcement of a free introduction to the game, Brass Tactics Arena.

Brass Tactics

The announcements will come as a relief to anyone who has been waiting for Brass Tactics for a while, as it was delayed last year.

Hidden Path Entertainment’s Brass Tactics has 6+ hours of story campaign, more than 20 maps and three gameplay modes. You’ll hear your opponent’s taunts as you direct the flow of battle with your hands.

Pre-orders for the game are open now at $24.99, and the game will launch on February 22nd for $39.99. You’ll be able to customise your units and army to play the story campaign, with dozens on unit types and upgrades to use.

Other gameplay modes include a single player vs AI mode, an online competitive mode, and an online coop mode. The game will have more than 20 maps to play across its variety of modes, keeping the scenery fresh for a long time.

Brass Tactics Arena has also been announced, which will be completely free for players. It will allow players to play unlimited online competitive, cooperative or vs AI modes on a single map, and still offers dozens of units and upgrades to customise your army.

Brass Tactics Arena will act as an excellent introductory demo to get players interested in the videogame, but can also provide hours of entertainment, as long as you’re satisfied with a single map and no story mode.

Brass Tactics Arena will launch ahead of the main videogame on February 15th, but players can register for it on February 12th.

We’re glad to finally be getting some concrete details on the videogame after the delay. When VRFocus previewed the game, we said; “Brass Tactics is set to feature a single-player campaign and co-op, alongside the shown one-on-one multiplayer which should add enough scope for a good replay factor. As long as Hidden Path can added enough maps and in-depth upgrade options, the title should satisfy the demands of even the most die hard of RTS players when it arrives this year.”

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