Voxel Shooter Out of Ammo Hits PlayStation VR

Back in November Zen Studios and RocketWerkz announced that their hybrid tower defense/ first-person shooter (FPS), Out of  Ammo, would be coming to PlayStation VR in 2018, having originally launched as an early access title for HTC Vive in 2016. Today, the two companies have rolled out Out of Ammo for both North American and European players.

Out of Ammo - Screenshot - "Overwatch"

Out of Ammo offers something for everyone, whether you prefer getting in on the action or a more lofty strategic approach, calling in airstrikes. The main campaign is a wave survival mode, where you play as a general commander their troops. You need to build a base, creating suitable defences to withstand the next incoming wave.

Once the battle is underway you can then artillery, snipers and airstrikes, or possess one of your troops and get stuck in. There are five different kinds of units with unique traits: the Rifleman, the Sniper, the grenade-launching Rocketeer, the Medic, and the shotgun wielding Engineer, mixing up the gameplay style when you need it.

Survival Mode features eight unique environments: Canyon, Forest, City, Desert, Alpine, Port, Beachhead, and the alien-themed Contact. Once you’re done there, there are three specialist mission modes take place entirely in first person. In Overwatch you are a sniper providing overwatch for a downed helicopter, protecting the evacuees from your position inside a clock tower; Icarus: after crash-landing in hostile terrain, you must scavenge for ammo by teleporting around. Use flares and torches to highlight inbound enemies. Survive until rescue arrives; and Vertigo: Atop a skyscraper can you hold off attackers with your shotgun while also finding time to hack a computer until a chopper comes to the rescue.

Out of Ammo - Screenshot - "Port"

Out of Ammo is available now for £11.99 GBP or $14.99 USD on the respective PlayStation Store. For any further updates from either Zen Studios or RocketWerkz, keep reading VRFocus.