Vox Machinae Stomps Into Action in These New Screenshots

We already know full well that virtual reality (VR) is capable of taking us to new places, giving us new experiences, and fulfilling long held fantasies. VR enthusiasts and early adopters have already had a massive range of experiences, but one that has eluded many of us is true mecha warfare on the surface of an alien planet, stomping around in some giant boots whilst feeling like an impervious walking tank. Well, Vox Machinae is a videogame that made that promise a long time ago, and now we’re closer than ever to it being a (virtual) reality.


We’ve got a bunch of brand new, crisp screenshots from Vox Machinae, which we saw a promising trailer of way back in early 2016. Even then it looked like a fascinating VR videogame, but developers Space Bullet kept us waiting still, and by the end of that year we were still eagerly anticipating the ability to jump into the cockpit ourselves.

Now though players might finally be able to try their own hand at mech space combat while stomping around on a red planet, as Vox Machinae is receiving a playtest next month and is looking for players to sign up now. Their new 2018 trailer looks stunning too, vastly polished over the footage we saw of the videogame from back in 2016.

The videogame continues to impress in our screenshots below, too. We see plenty of screenshots with the player in the cockpit, locking on to and firing on enemies, while stomping around the planet’s surface. Mechs clash against one another creating massive explosions, and kicking up dust as they fight, with impressive vistas surrounding the player. It looks like Space Bullet are truly trying to immerse the player in the experience of being a combative mech pilot, and have spared no expense on the cockpit and the surrounding planet environment. It’s desolate, but fascinating to look at and explore.

We have confirmation the videogame will be coming to Oculus Rift since it’s appearance at Oculus Connect 3 in 2016, but right now we’re not sure which other head-mounted displays (HMDs) Vox Machinae will be making its way to, although the playtest signup page does mention HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality HMDs – though this is certainly not confirmation of support, it makes us hopeful. For all of the latest on Vox Machinae, stay on VRFocus, but for now, check out our screenshots below.