Viveport VR Update Means More Games can be Previewed Before Purchase

HTC Vive’s pre-CES 2018 press conference may have been dominated by the HTC Vive Pro and new Wireless Adapter but it wasn’t all hardware based. The company’s own sales platform, Viveport, got a look in with a new upgrade being rolled out that’ll make it easier to use in virtual reality (VR) whilst providing new options.


The update is called Viveport VR, and it’ll put users in a glossy, futuristic environment from where they can access all of Viveport’s content, making it easier to discover new videogames and apps.

The biggest feature Viveport VR will get is ‘VR Previews’. Essentially, short videogame demos, a VR Preview will allow a developer to showcase their work, giving a brief look at their virtual world, possibly offering some gameplay time as well. After which users can then purchase if they so wish or move on to something else.

“Viveport is moving to a VR first experience model, and with the all-new Viveport VR, we are changing the way consumers discover, experience and acquire VR content,” said Rikard Steiber, president, Viveport in a statement “Until now, there has not been a shopping and browsing experience that takes advantage of the full functionality of VR. Available in early access today, Viveport VR increases interaction with content and offers developers a preview that showcases the quality of their titles and experiences.”

Viveport VR

Viveport VR is another step towards making HTC Vive’s own sales platform as immersive and interactive as rivals. Oculus Home has seen recent updates with Rift Core 2.0 and SteamVR has become far more user friendly in its VR environment.

Earlier this year, Viveport launched its VR subscription service to provide a new way to access VR experiences for an all-in-one monthly fee. There are more than 1,000 titles available on Viveport today, and more than 325 available for subscription. As more are added and as HTC Vive expands the platform, VRFocus will keep you updated.