Universal Pictures Teams With OmniVirt for Pitch Perfect 3 AR Ad Campaign

Universal Pictures are getting with the times and advertising the new movie Pitch Perfect 3 with a brand new ad campaign, powered by OmniVirt’s augmented reality (AR) advertising. It requires no downloads, and can all be done through the user’s phone browser, making it one of the simplest ways to reach out to people with AR.

Essentially, users can access unique camera filters that can detect the user’s face, and overlay special themes, icons and more, similar to filters found on apps such as Snapchat and Messenger, only without the need for an extra app to download.

Users just tap the advertisement in their browser, grant access to the camera, and they’ll be able to use unique Pitch Perfect 3 filters to take a selfie with and send to their friends.

The main advantage of course is being able to use this method of advertising across any smart device, without having ever download an app, as long as the device and browser version are supported.

OmniVirt’s CEO, Brad Phaisan, reports good results with this advertising method so far; “One of the biggest challenge for marketers in the AR space has been the need to download a native application. We have focused on bringing immersive technology to the mobile web and love working with innovative marketers like Universal Pictures to engage audiences in new ways.”

Phaisan continues; “We continually witness a 10x uplift in interaction and click-through rates on AR experiences when compared to its 2D creative counterparts. On average we have seen users spend close to 30 seconds engaging with the AR ad.”

We’ve reported on OmniVirt’s AR advertising strategy before, and OmniVirt’s affinity for 360 degree video lead us to believe we’ll potentially see some of that surfacing in a web browser near us before long. Beyond just advertising though, this makes us hopeful that companies like OmniVirt will soon make it easier than ever to access new virtual reality (VR) and AR content with just a few taps, instead of waiting for a download.

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