Unboxing the TPCast: Go into VR, Untethered

Since virtual reality’s (VR) inception, quite possibly the biggest hinderance to full immersion has been feeling cables droop down your back, or trail across the floor. When in a seemingly unlimited VR world, it cruelly reminds us of the limitations of VR. Well, with the new TPCast, all of those annoying cables and wires can be a thing of the past.


In the video below, Nina goes through everything you’ll find included in the TPCast set, featuring an Anker PowerCore to help keep everything powered even while moving about, a TPCast powerbox, a TPCast transmitter, and a TPCast receiver. Under all of that is a high-speed router to ensure that your connection is as fast and as low-latency as possible, while wireless. For a good look at everything included, make sure to take a look at our video below.

For what is a wireless, untethered experience, you do need a surprising amount of cables and wires – but of course, the whole point is that these cables are tucked away neatly behind your PC or under your desk, and not attached to your head while exploring the virtual world.

It’s fragile kit, so it’s a good thing you’ll find a consumer warranty in the box, along with a bunch of other user documents, such as safety manuals and user guides.

TPCast’s CEO Michael Liu has said; “TPCast is committed to supporting the Oculus Rift headset with our unique wireless technology solutions, and provide VR users a high quality, immersive VR encounter. With the TPCast wireless adapter, we will be changing the VR usage and experience by providing the complete freedom of movement with no cables attached.” You can pre-order the TPCast now in Europe.

TPCast aren’t just focused on providing wireless VR, they’re also hard at work alongside Huawei to develop a 5G Cloud Rendering solution; yet another piece of technology that will require low-latency and high internet speeds.

We will have all of the details you need on the TPCast and the untethered VR experience very soon, so for everything Oculus Rift and beyond, make sure to keep reading VRFocus.