Unabomber: The Virtual Reality Experience Comes to Viveport

Last year Immersion teamed up with The Newseum to create a virtual reality (VR) experience based on the 20-year case of the Unabomber, a US domestic terrorist who terrorised universities, airlines and computer stores with mailed bombs. Originally shown at The NewseumUnabomber: The Virtual Reality Experience is now available on Viveport for HTC Vive.

Unabomber: The VR Experience screenshot1

Unabomber: The Virtual Reality Experience allows users to join the FBI Task Force in charge of investigating one of the most challenging domestic terrorist cases in US history. Starting in 1978, the Unabomber waged a 17-year campaign of terror with lethal, homemade bombs, injuring 23 people and killing three by 1995.

Spanning eight states, the FBI investigation involved around 500 agents with educational narrative featuring insight from FBI agents Terry Turchie (Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the UNABOM investigation from 1994 to 1998) and Max Noel (FBI agent during the investigation). It explores the challenges of fighting crime in the age of terrorism, journalistic ethics, and the role of the press and the public in working with the law enforcement community.

The experience will allow players to investigate and interact with the evidence that helped solve the case and explore the primitive cabin where the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski was captured. The at-home experience also includes additional interviews, videos, and evidence to review to gain a deeper understanding of the decades long case.

Unabomber: The VR Experience screenshot2

Vive Studios teamed up with The Newseum to bring Unabomber: The Virtual Reality Experience to Viveport, with the content marking the first in a series of similar educational experiences that the pair will bring to the platform. Future content will include Nellie Bly’s trip around the world, due to be showcased to Newseum visitors in Washington and available for download on Viveport.

Unabomber: The Virtual Reality Experience is now available on Viveport for $4.99 USD/ £3.77 GBP and will be available on Steam at a later date. For any further updates from Vive Studios or The Newseum, keep reading VRFocus.