TwoEyes Tech Takes Cues From Human Eyes

The popularity of 360-degree video continues to grow, remaining one of the biggest ways that people experience virtual reality (VR) content. As such, many companies are searching for ways to improve the experience for 360-degree video viewers. TwoEyes Tech are taking lessons from human vision with its new binocular 360-degree field-of-view VR camera.

TwoEyes Tech are mirroring human eyes sight by producing a camera by taking the standard distance between human eyes into consideration when capturing images, using two pairs of fisheye lenses arranged 65 millimetres apart in order to produce 360-degree video that is more comfortable to watch.

By using this approach, a single filming session can capture 360-degree 3D footage that can be used on VR headsets, smartphones, PC monitors and 3D TVs. The videos captured are in full high-definition, 3D and red-cyan mode and can be converted into 180-degree and 360-degree content, so a single recording can create up to six different types of content.

The company says that the camera is simple to use. When held horizontally, it will automatically capture images in binocular mode, but when help vertically, it will switch to monocular mode. Recordings captured by the device can be viewed using a paired smartphone or uploaded to social media.

Song HunJoo, CEO of TwoEyes Tech said: “We are planning to revamp our product name for a more global audience once we start mass producing and selling the cameras. The challenge we are facing now is to create a quality product that functions well and is easy to use.”

TwoEyrs Tech is planning further expansion from VR cameras into video-related software, with initial plans for a VR video editing program to be added to its product line.

Visitors to CES 2018 will be able to view demonstrations of its products at Booth #51677, Eureka Park, Hall G. VRFocus will be present at the event as well, bringing you the latest news and hands-on report from the show floor.