Try on Bags and Phone Cases in Augmented Reality

Trying on clothes and accessories with the help of augmented reality (AR) seems like the new trend. It was only the other day we saw Amazon patents that allude to an AR armoire to try on digital clothes with, and now we see STM Goods and Element Case are both creating AR apps to try out backpacks, mobile phone cases and more.

STM Goods create a variety of accessories, bags and cases for electronics, and Element Case create premium smart phone cases and accessories, and their AR applications promise that users will be able to properly inspect and try out products before ever having them in their hands.

STM Goods’ application will allow users to “try on” backpacks and even inspect them in detail, looking at pockets, overall space, and more. Many of their bags come with their SlingTech and Cable Ready designs, making it easier for users to manage cables and carry electronics.

“AR will change the way people interact with our products,” said Ethan Nyholm, STM Brands Chief Executive. “Backpacks have traditionally been one of the toughest products to showcase in stores, unless a trained salesperson is there to demonstrate the special aspects of the merchandise, which typically is not the case. Now, thanks to AR, customers can see a demonstration of a product’s key features come to life before their eyes.”

Element Case meanwhile have a similar AR application, where the specifics of their premium smart phones cases are explained in detail. Customers get to truly understand the style and practical benefits of having a premium case, which can otherwise be difficult when they often come with a premium price tag.

Nyholm spoke more about the Element Case app, saying; “Element Case is all about advanced engineering and high-grade materials that maximize user convenience. By bringing an interactive experience with the cases to the customer, we can take detailed and often complicated messaging about a product’s attributes and make it easy to grasp visually. We’re taking point-of-sale product marketing to another level by leveraging today’s technology to go beyond what has long been expected in store. It is the future of marketing and we are on the cutting-edge.”

It’s an interesting way to get users more invested in the products of manufacturers, and we’re sure that we will see much more of this in the future. For news about when that happens, make sure to keep reading VRFocus.