This Week in VR Sport: Fox Sports in AR and Yarde Spectates Himself

2018 has only just kicked off and we’re already seeing augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology move further and further into the mainstream space and, of course, we’ve got more sports news to report on. Sports teams and broadcasters around the world are quickly coming to terms with how VR and AR can enhance the experience for fans, and they’re wasting no time getting started.

2018 has only just begun, but the year is already looking incredibly promising…

Fox Sports Preparing for Augmented Reality SkyCam

Needless to say, if Fox Sports are broadcasting a live sports event, the stadium will be well equipped. Dozens of cameras capable of super slow-mo action, and SkyCams so every angle is recorded for posterity. Fox are now looking towards AR to make their broadcasts more interesting and interactive than ever before.

In collaboration with Sports Media Technologies, SkyCam and Vizrt, Mike Davies has said that they are putting “together a recipe” for AR technology to work with the SkyCam.

“It’s a bit of an orchestration because the pilot of the SkyCam needs to be flying around the object as if it were an object on the field. If you break through it, it’s not going to look real,” says Davies.

As reported by TVTechnology, the set up should allow Fox Sports to put lines down the football fields and have motion graphics and other effects on the 2D field, but with motion tracking so the elements can follow players and locations accurately. We look forward to seeing the tech in action.

Boxer Anthony Yarde Spectates His Own Match in 360

Hearing your own voice on a recording is weird. Seeing yourself in videos can be odd, too. Now, seeing yourself in full 3D, punching another man in the face? It’s an experience not many of us will have, but Anthony Yarde seems to enjoy the show.

Watching his previous victory in 360 degrees thanks to BT Sport, Yarde is visibly elated seeing himself move around the boxing ring, and enjoys taking a look at the commentators, too. Well worth watching Yarde get excited about his shining moment.

Colleage Football App Comes with Augmented Reality Features

It won’t be long until you can just point your phone at anything in the world and get a detailed read out of information about it. Augmented reality technology almost guarantees it’ll happen; but before that, we’ll be able to scan sports team logos to buy tickets and get information about our favourite teams.

As reported by Sports Techie, the app will be built by Mandt Media, who have worked with sports teams on VR and AR applications before. CEO Neil Mandt has said; “Location-based augmented reality is something that’s going to go beyond just events, it’s going to become part of our lives. Users can get information quickly using the device in their pocket.”

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