The Perfect Sniper has Launched on Steam VR

Crime doesn’t pay. Unless you don’t get caught, in which case, it can pay handsomely, and as an enterprising youth with a need for cash in the wallet, crime seems like a sensible idea. In a world with corrupt politicians and police, crime is really the only option. In The Perfect Sniper, you’ll become the morally ambiguous hero the city needs.

the perfect sniper

We’ve seen a fair few virtual reality (VR) shooters and sniping games already, such as The Last Sniper which takes you to World War II with HTC Vive. The Perfect Sniper has shot onto Steam VR today, and you can play it with a variety of VR head-mounted displays (HMDs) since it supports HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality devices. The game will be coming to PlayStation VR, too, for console VR fans.

The storyline is that the Romano family has taken over the city, and with all the politicians and police under their influences, the only person who can deliver justice is apparently a man or woman with a sniper rifle.

The videogame’s store page describe The Perfect Sniper as a “stylised, story-driven and action-packed VR videogame,” so that’s always promising. You’ll be doing more than just camping on a rooftop though, as in the trailers we see car chase shootouts, target practice sessions, helicopter missions and more.

The polygonal graphics and cityscapes certainly are striking, and the variety of mission choices handily mix up many VR sniper titles, which often expect you to stand static while shooting at targets.

The developers list “Lots of Fan Request Implementation” on the videogame’s Steam store page, so we can only assume that fan feedback has, and hopefully will continue to be taken on board and implemented into the videogame through updates.

The Perfect Sniper is another great VR videogame for shooting fans, and is sure to satisfy many with the variety of modes and interesting stylised graphics. We’ll keep you updated on The Perfect Sniper and more VR videogames coming in the future, so keep reading VRFocus for all of the latest news, reviews and previews of the latest VR titles.