The Inpatient for PlayStation VR Available to Pre-Order Ahead of Next Week’s Launch

Next week will see Supermassive Games release its next virtual reality (VR) title The Inpatient, having launched Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and Tumble VR for PlayStation VR back in 2016. And players can now pre-order the upcoming psychological horror experience with either monetary savings or pre-order bonuses to be had.

The Inpatient screenshot 1

The Inpatient will launch in North America on 23rd January, while in Europe it’s a day later on 24th. It’ll be available in both digital and physical copies depending on how you like to purchase your videogames. As mentioned, there is a price discrepancy depending on where you go.

So first off most players are likely to go to the PlayStation Store if they want a digital copy. Via the official site for US or EU customers you’ll be paying £34.99 GBP/$39.99 USD for the title, with a pre-order bonus featuring a set of The Inpatient avatars: Abe, Billy Bate, Blackwood and Bragg. It’s also the same price for the digital version at GAME but there’s no mention of the bonuses.

If you prefer a hard copy of The Inpatient then you’ll actually save yourself some cash. It’s listed on both GAME and Amazon  for £24.99. There’s no bonus but you’ll save yourself a tenner to buy another videogame unless you really want those avatars. These saving are only for UK customers. A quick look for VRFocus’ US readers finds that Amazon and Best Buy are both selling the title for its full price of $39.99.


For those that aren’t aware, The Inpatient is set in the same universe as Until Dawn, in fact the VR experience is a prequel. It takes place in the Sanatorium featured in the original PlayStation 4 exclusive, with players waking up to a living nightmare with no recollection of who they are or how they got there. They need to find out that’s going on as their sanity is tested to the extreme.

To learn more check out VRFocus’ preview from 2017. The title also made it onto The Best PlayStation VR Games Coming in 2018 list. For any further updates about The Inpatient, keep reading VRFocus.