SynaptixGames Confirm Day of Destruction Coming to Oculus Rift Next, PlayStation VR Later

Last week SynaptixGames released its first virtual reality (VR) title, Day of Destruction for HTC Vive. Today, the studio has confirmed to VRFocus that it plans on expanding support to Oculus Rift first before bring the title to PlayStation VR and Windows Mixed Reality further into the future.   


In an email, Robert Madsen, Studio Director at SynaptixGames said: “We already have the game running on the Oculus, but we decided to launch on one piece of hardware at a time so we can fully support each release. That being said, Oculus is next. I can’t give you an exact date because we want to ensure that the Vive launch is smooth before proceeding.” He then added: “Next, our intention is to publish to the Windows MR and PlayStation VR, but which comes first is a little unclear [sic].”

If you’ve not been following VRFocus’ coverage of Day of Destruction the videogame is all about unleashing global destruction. Rather than p[laying a race trying to save its planet, instead you’re the invader, flying down in a massive UFO to level cities around the world.

There are six planets to conquer, each with four cities to raise to the ground. As you complete each level you’ll unlock credits to expand your destructive capabilities, gaining access ground-based walkers, aerial vehicles, cluster bombs, tractor beams and more. Naturally, as you progress through the single-player campaign and unlock these weapons, each cities forces become more difficult to penetrate, with gun emplacements, hostile fighter jets and more all trying to take you down.


Currently Day of Destruction is available through Steam for HTC Vive with a limited time discount. For a few more hours you can get a 20 percent discount on the expeirence, dropping the price from £11.39 GBP, down to £9.11.

When SynaptixGames confirm a launch date for the Oculus Rift version and in which order the other platforms will see support, VRFocus will let you know.