Starbreeze Bringing VR Installation Experience Hero To Sundance Film Festival

We are but a few days away from diving full pelt into cinema season and this year’s Sundance Film Festival taking place in Utah, USA. It, and the Slamdance Film Festival (which we will be discussing more tomorrow on VRFocus) are but a few days away and the latest immersive technology project to be revealed comes by way of a familiar name – Starbreeze AB.

The independent creator, publisher and distributor of videogames, who are best known for their work on the Payday series of videogames, working with Behaviour Digital to launch the popular horror thriller Dead by Daylight and, of course, being the driving force behind the StarVR head mounted display (HMD) – now produced in partnership with Acer. Starbreeze are now teaming with iNK Stories, who are an entertainment company based out of the US in both New York and Los Angeles who have previously worked with franchises like Grand Theft Auto and, from a VR perspective, also contributed to Capcom’s highly acclaimed PlayStation VR title Resident Evil VII: biohazard.

The pair are working together to bring a new experience called HERO to the festival, which is to be held from January 18th to the 28th, 2018. A Vérité VR experience, it will be shown throughout the festival at a large scale immersive installation in the Kimball Art Center, found in Park City, Utah as part of the Sundance Institute’s New Frontier initiative.

In HERO you enter the modern world in a place of crisis. But when people are in trouble and everything around you is tearing itself apart, what do you do? Combining an interactive virtual world with a documentary style, physical sensations – although the press release from Starbreeze doesn’t expressly clarify in what sense this is implemented – and DTSX object-based audio, HERO will ask attendees, in an era of civilian warfare what a hero is, and if they have what it takes to be the hero people need.

VRFocus will be bringing you more news regarding the Sundance Film Festival in the days to come. Stay tuned for more by following us on social media for the very latest.