Sony To Exhibit Immersive Technologies At SXSW

One of the biggest festivals dedicated to the creative aspects of business,SXSW, also known as South by Southwest is due to be help on 9th-18th March, 2018 in Austin, Texas. Sony have announced that they will be there showcasing some of its new immersive technology projects for attendees.

Sony will be displaying some new projects and products during the interactive festival on Saturday 10th March. Sony is hoping that the new immersive projects will appeal to the creativity of the audience as well as offering excitement.

Several prototypes and early versions will be showcased, including:

AR Air Hockey – An air hockey experience that combines the classic fast-paces arcade game with modern augmented reality (AR) technology. By using Sony’s high-speed vision sensor, the IMX 382 along with a proprietary prediction algorithm and haptic feedback technology it is possible to track the action within a 1/1000 of a second. The exhibition will be showing off how it is possible to play air hockey without needing a physical table.

Hero Generator – Visitors can create their own personalised virtual reality (VR) avatar, view it from everyy angle and even experience a short film with their own ovatar as the main character. Visitors will even be able to save the video to their smartphone and take it home to share it with friends and family.

Interactive Cube – By utilising haptic feedback technology and prjections, visitors will be able to enjoy a variety of interactive mixed reality (MR) games.

Soccer VR – A soccer, or football, goal-scoring experience created as a collaboration between Sony Music Communications and Hassilas Co.

Acoustic Corridor – Combining music with Sony’s spatial acoustic technology, visitors to the exhibition will be able to travel down a corridor that uses 576 speakers to create an immersive sound experience that transports visitors from the city to the forest and even to outer space.

Further information and tickets for SXSW can be found on the official SXSW website. For further news of new immersive technology, keep watching VRFocus.