Sony and Survios Partnership to Bring Jumanji: The VR Adventure to VR Arcades

When Sony Pictures released Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle back in December the film also had a corresponding virtual reality (VR) experience created for it, Jumanji: The VR Adventureco-produced by MWM Immersive (formerly Madison Wells Media’s Reality One) and Sony Pictures Virtual Reality (SPVR). Today, SPVR has announced a new distribution deal with Raw Data developer Survios, bring the title to new audiences in Asia and throughout the world.  

Jumanji 2

Under the agreement, Survios will expand distribution of Jumanji: The VR Adventure to its global network of VR arcades reaching more than 36 countries on six continents. Audiences will enter a magical, fully interactive 3D jungle where they can control their favorite movie characters as they build a team and set out to lift the curse of Jumanji while outwitting evil henchmen and evading dangerous wildlife.

“SPVR is leading the way to build a new, multi-tiered distribution model for virtual reality. For the first time, with Jumanji: The VR Adventure, we are enabling audiences around the world to experience VR in locations and in-home on a variety of channels that are accessible to them,” said Jake Zim, senior vice president, virtual reality, Sony Pictures Entertainment in a statement.

Jumanji: The VR Adventure debuted at 50 VRX Networks VR kiosks in movie theaters and shopping malls across the United States and UK in December. This continues Sony Pictures Entertainment’s plan to develop VR experiences based off its motion pictures and franchises. These have included Passengers: Awakening VR Experience, THE VOID’s launch of Ghostbusters: Dimension, Can You Walk The Walk at IMAX VR locations and Spider-Man: Homecoming VR.


“We’re thrilled the success of Jumanji is translating into more demand for the virtual reality experience around the world. We are in the business of taking great IP like Jumanji to attract more fans to immersive content and excited to expand the reach of our work to a wider audience and continue to grow the reach of this new storytelling medium,” said Executive Producer of MWM Immersive Ethan Stearns

It’s not just VR arcades that Jumanji: The VR Adventure will be coming to. Fans at home will be able to enjoy the experience with the title arriving today on Steam and Oculus Store this month, followed by PlayStation VR in February. For any further updates keep reading VRFocus.