Something For The Weekend: Big Sales On Oculus Rift Videogames

The weekend is here and you need something to get you back into the virtual world, right? We understand that need, and that’s why we always pull together the best virtual reality (VR) videogames and experiences for you. This week, here are all the best videogames to get you back into your Oculus Rift.

X Rebirth VR

We know what you want. You want to explore the universe in VR, seeing alien worlds and walking aboard incredible spacecrafts. Of course you do. Step into the shoes of Ren Otani as you rebuild your ship and trade, fight, build and think your way to victory.

X Rebirth VR is now £14.99.

The Wizards

Get ready for adventure in a fantasy land with The Wizards. You’ll be conjuring magic and destroying enemies while competing for high scores. The Oculus Touch controllers give an extra level of immersion as you wave your arms and cast spells in real time.

The Wizards is now only £7.99.

Projects CARS – Game of the Year Edition

One of the most authentic and realistic racing videogames available, Project CARS offers 120+ cars, 100+ track layouts and much much more. This is one of the best VR racing experiences available.

Project CARS – Game of the Year Edition is now only £18.99.

Shooty Fruity


Five a day? Who needs it. In Shooty Fruity you’ll be showing those pesky fruits the door – and a barrel of a gun. One minute you’ll be a normal supermarket cashier, and then the fruits will suddenly attack. Get ready and get armed.

Shooty Fruity is now only £10.99.

End Space


End Space is another romp through the galaxy, this time you’ll pilot a United Trade Consortium starfighter, and battle for control of the Tartarus sector. Unlock new weapons and missions as you blast through enemies in the galaxy.

End Space is now only £10.99.


If you’ve ever wished you were in the movie Tron, well, this might be the next best thing. Neon takes you to a colourful and neon lit world where you’ll shoot down obstacles and collect power ups in a unique action shooter, all to prevent solar flares, somehow.

Neon is now just £6.79.

Elite Dangerous: Commander Deluxe Edition

The original space exploration is bigger and better than ever, especially in VR. Explore the universe and boldly make your own mark on the galaxy in Elite Dangerous.

Elite Dangerous: Commander Deluxe Edition is now only £13.49.

A Handful of Keflings

handful of keflings

Visit a tiny, magical world where the Keflings live, and help them build their homes and turn their civilisation into a cultured metropolis. It’s slow paced so you can your time in this fun management sim.

A Handful of Keflings is now only £10.99.

Drop Dead

Someone needs to stop Dr. Monday and save the world, and only you can do it. Shred through zombies and get high scores with great VR arcade action. Oculus Touch only makes the experience more immersive.

Drop Dead is now £4.49.

Cosmic Trip

Defend yourself on an alien planet full of hostiles. Build an army of robots to bring under your command and defend you, as you gather resources and emerge victories. This striking VR shooter will have you building and shooting for hours.

Cosmic Trip is now only £10.99.

We’re sure you’ve already found something to waste your weekend with. Make sure to check back next week for all of the latest sales and featured VR videogames and experiences, we’ll always have the news and features you need on VRFocus.