Shoot Down Nutrition in Fruit Attacks VR, Soon on Steam Early Access

Getting your five a day is a tough task. Fruit and vegetables? Five of them? It’s honestly asking a bit much and you can’t be blamed for feeling a deep seated rage against the healthiest of all foods. If you’re one of those out there with a bit of a fruit rage boiling deep inside, then good news, because a juicy new virtual reality (VR) fruit shooter is heading to Steam Early Access, in the form of Fruit Attacks VR.

fruit attacks vr

Fruit Attacks VR is based on the mobile game Fruit Attacks that launched a staggering four years ago – where does the time go? At the time it received over 560,000 downloads and hit the Best New Games category on the iOS App Store in nearly 130 countries. Not bad at all!

As it turns out, Fruit Attacks VR is better than ever for fruit haters, as in it you’ll be going to war against invading fruit aliens, who are outraged by humanity’s urge to eat five a day. As they invade you’ll shoot down waves of aliens while defending Earth’s territory and protecting humanity itself.

Players will pilot three different SATIs, speaker robots who attack with deadly sound waves, sound wave being the only things capable of destroying your fruity nemeses. Using the HTC Vive motion controllers you bend the trajectory of your shots and aim with accuracy, making Fruit Attacks VR a more intense and deep shooting experience than ever before.

This is Nanali Studios’ first venture into VR, after making several successful mobile games, such as Sally’s Law and Time Fish. The game will be hitting Steam Early Access on January 26th, and Nanali Studios expect a full release in the first quarter of this year – so before the end of March, if everything goes to plan.

While it’ll only support HTC Vive at first, they intend to support Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and more in the future.

You can add Fruit Attacks VR to your wishlist now if you’re so inclined, and it’ll be $15. You can take a look at the videogame’s store page here, and see the game in action in the trailer below.

It’s an interesting attempt at VR shooting, but let us know what you think in the comments below, and for all of the latest VR videogames, stay on VRFocus.