SENSEPLAY’s New Device to be Displayed at CES 2018

Interacting with worlds we can see and not touch is still one of the stumbling blocks in the way of making immersive digital worlds, but luckily new solutions for helping us develop and interact with the digital world are coming up all the time, and the latest is the SENSEPLAY platform, a device which promises new ways to make interacting with virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) easier than ever.

The SENSEPLAY surf is their new device which they hope will change the future of AR. The SENSEPLAY surf allows you to view things in AR in first person, and has AR gaming features built in. The device looks like a 3DS console, with a clamshell design and a screen on both halves of the unit. Several physical buttons on the device allow users to map buttons and gestures to different commands, giving them true control over the worlds they design.

Luckily, the SENSEPLAY devices will be able to be integrated with a variety of devices, thanks to KeyMap configuration, making it easy to set macro commands for any software or device.

The first-person view (FPV) can be revolutionary too, with speedy HD video transmission which will allow you to see the worlds you craft live, before your eyes, without cables holding you back.

The SENSEPLAY is so adaptable, that you can even use its FPV functions to fly drones up to 15km away, and SENSEPLAY promise that the device will put any FPV device to the test, even those intended to be used by dedicated drones.

The dual OLED screens ensure crisp picture quality with authentic black levels and colour vibrancy. Again, what you wish to display on these screen can be customised in software, allowing users to edit and view their worlds and experiences at the same time, on the fly.

The SENSEPLAY will see its official launch at CES 2018, Las Vegas, on January 9th. Anyone attending CES 2018 will be able to go see the device in person, use the technology, and get demonstrations from SENSEPLAY’s experts so everyone can see the new uses the SENSEPLAY can provide.

It looks incredibly promising, and just might be essential for VR and AR devs in the future. If you’re at CES 2018, Las Vegas, make sure to take a look at the SENSEPLAY, and if you’re at home, stay on VRFocus for all of the latest news.