See Wireless VR In Action In Our TPCast Untethered Showcase

Still one of the biggest barriers for many existing virtual reality (VR) owners happens to be wires. Wires and cables dragging behind the user and potentially causing a mishap, since they’re often far out of view. As a result, there’s naturally a lot of demand for untethered VR that will allow users to experience, and TPCast are one of the few companies offering a comprehensive kit that allows for untethered VR experiences.

TPCast are striving to offer users the best possible wireless VR experience, which is why we’ve already seen a TPCast 2.0, which lowers latency and overall offers an even better untethered VR experience.

We also have a full TPCast set up guide ready for you to use, if you’re interested in getting started with untethered VR experiences.

Untethered VR is definitely going to be a focus for a lot of companies going forward, as demonstrated by HTC announced their HTC Vive Wireless Adapter, which we tried, and found to be promising, though a show floor wasn’t the best place to test it. TPCast have the advantage of already having a working product on the market that it is constantly improving on.

We talk to Udi Yuhjtman, TPCast’s General Manager for Americas, and he talks to us about TPCast’s vision, the product, and what’s in store for the future of the company. Yuhjtman reaffirms that PC is always going to be the place to experience the highest quality, premier VR experiences, and therefore isn’t too concerned about mobile and all in one head-mounted displays (HMDs) taking up the market share of untethered VR.

Regardless of which HTC Vive HMD you’re using, either the Vive or the Vive Pro, you’ll be able to use the TPCast wireless kit in order to get an untethered experience running. Sure to be a relief to any VR fans out there who have already put their preorders down for the new HTC Vive Pro.

Watch the full video interview and showcase below for more insight from Udi Yuhjtman, and stay on VRFocus for all of the latest VR news, technology and more.