See These Flashy New Screenshots For Fantasy Combat Videogame, Inferno: Deathfield

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a battle mage, fighting through waves of demons in a satanic monument to man’s hubris, then oh boy, we’ve got the perfect game for you. Inferno: Deathfield has hit Steam Early Access, and now we’ve got a bunch of brand new screenshots for you to peruse. The virtual reality (VR) videogame will take players on a new journey filled with all hell has to offer.

The story follows the chosen warrior who must liberate humanity from the grips of Lucifer, the King of the Underworld. He’s raging again after aeons in exile, and is unleashing demons on humanity. Luckily, so naturally the chosen warrior (that’s you, the player) has to put him back in his place and save humanity. You’ll be swinging your sword and firing off a crossbow to take down waves of demonic forces, and player skills and abilities will swing the fight in your favour.

We reported on the videogame coming to early access, which you can purchase right now – though, as with all early access titles, you should be aware that what you’re buying is likely an incomplete work in progress.

The developers say on the videogame’s Steam page that they expect it to take yet another 4 to 6 months of early access development to complete a full release, though they also say that the exact direction their full release takes will depend on community feedback from early adopters.

Despite the early access nature of the title, the screenshots we have in a gallery below are incredibly promising, displaying some of the visuals and attacks you’ll be able to wield in VR. Many of the gothic, forboding locations are certainly atmospheric even in screenshot form, so you can imagine the immersive atmosphere when you strap on a VR head-mounted display (HMD).

Currently Inferno: Deathfield is only available for use on HTC Vive, and there’s no word on whether that will change in the future. Regardless it looks promising, and you can keep reading VRFocus for all of the latest news on VR videogames and experiences, high fantasy or otherwise, such as Inferno: Deathfield.