Seabed Prelude Gets a Discount and a Brand New Update

Under the sea is a seminal song for a generation. It made children, now adults, all over the world truly believe in the power of a singing crab and a fantasy world of musical undersea creatures, thanks to Disney’s The Little Mermaid. It’s nostalgic for many of us, and if you’re one of those people, then you’ll be elated to know that you can finally sing and enjoy music under the sea, in virtual reality (VR) thanks to Seabed Prelude’s new update.

Not only that, but new buyers will be happy to know that Seabed Prelude is cheaper than ever before, thanks to a brand new discount, taking the asking price down to $4.99 (USD), which was previously $7.99 (USD). Seabed Prelude launched last February, and it’s nice to see the developers still support the title.

Developer MythicOwl wants to let players experience both a wonderful world of music and VR in Seabed Prelude. Tomasz Mularczyk, CEO of MythicOwl, wants to immerse players in that world; “After launching Note Fighter on mobile last year we are excited to bring our passion for music games to VR with Seabed Prelude. It’s a unique take on the music game genre that will have players floating through an ethereal environment, surrounded by music.”

The videogame had a few issues at launch, and they claim that the new update has refined the experience to make it more enjoyable than ever before.

Here’s a full list of changes the update introduces;

  • Musical gameplay overhaul with an emphasis on:
  • Responsiveness of the instruments
  • New sounds of the instruments
  • A proper rhythm of the songs
  • Intelligibility of music score displayed on the lectern


  • Artistic redesign of the underwater levels
  • Diverse ecosystems


  • Station levels improvements:
  • Lighting corrections
  • Resolving issues with access to the narrative objects
  • Drone control reworked
  • Editing of the narrative texts


  • Enrichment of the achievements
  • Improved tutorial
  • Minor bug fixes

On top of that, Seabed Prelude can now be found on the Oculus Store and Viveport, in addition to Steam VR.

It’s nice to see the developers dedicated to a videogame they could’ve already moved on from. For all of the latest VR development news, stay on VRFocus.