Quick Draw Shooter Cold Iron Out Now for VR Headsets

Ever fancied being in a one on one shootout like those found in classic western movies, just without the risk of death? Well today indie developer Catch & Release has launched a videogame that’ll let you do just that, in Cold Iron for PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Cold Iron

Just like any duel Cold Iron is about speed and accuracy when going up against the range of opponents available. You’ll have to make split-second decisions when fighting against notorious outlaws, sorcerers, and unstoppable killing machines.

This is easier said than done so the studio has added in some visual cues to let you know how successful (or unsuccessful) each shot is. Miss and lose the round and you’ll see a white ‘X’ appear indicating where you missed so you can correct your aim. Likewise, a perfect shot will make a green circle appear on the results screen, with headshots usually winning unless the character isn’t human. For those proper sharpshooters out there a bullseye will score you the most points, ensuring dominance on those leaderboards.

Cold Iron is purely single-player so it’s all about learning the enemies unique mechanics to beat them. Early opponents will be easy to dispatch with a well place bullet, but later on you’ll need to keep an eye for unusual colours, sounds, and patterns to win the challenge.

Cold Iron

Catch & Release has also seen fit to and a somewhat magical storyline to the title, with you playing a gunslinger whose looking for the outlaws that rode into town and killed your father. It just so happens that your dad owned a demonic pistol and with it you can take revenge on the criminals and possibly learn at little more about this mysterious weapon.

Cold Iron can be purchased from the Oculus Store for £13.49 GBP instead of £14.99, via Steam for £13.94 (down from £15.49) or on PlayStation Store for £15.99. For any further updates, keep reading VRFocus.