Quantum Storey to Introduce New VR and AR Books at CES 2018

The Quantum Storey Company's Operation YOU looks to be expanding very soon.

The Quantum Storey Company are finding brand new ways to introduce both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) content to a wider audience, and will be showing off much more of what they have planned during a press conference at the Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas, during CES 2018.

The Quantum Storey Company Operation You image

Operation YOU has already launched at Walmart in the United States, paving the way for new VR and AR experiences to be found on retail store shelves. Their approachable, straightforward applications for smartphone allow users of all ages to easily access and enjoy VR and AR content.

A combination of traditional activity books and a AR tech allows children to see characters come to life in front of them, or, with a Google Cardboard-style VR headset, they can enter the worlds their characters live in. Operation YOU, as the name suggests, puts the user into the lead role in the story, with many books planned in the series.

They’ll be showing off their new products at Pepcom’s 2018 Digital Experience, Monday January 8th 2018. “We are delighted to have the opportunity to showcase this next generation experience and consumer technology to members of the press at Pepcom,” says J.M. Haines, founder and CEO of The Quantum Storey Company and author of the Operation YOU series. “Virtual Reality Books are transformative and unlike anything the publishing industry has seen before. As consumer habits continue to evolve, so too does the demand for something revolutionary and out of the box, and we are proud and excited to be able to deliver it with Operation YOU.”

Readers of the books will be prompted to download the free app to enhance their story, introducing small minigames to play while the story plays out, making Operation YOU a truly interesting media proposition, and perhaps one of the better ways to get children interested in AR and VR.

The Quantum Storey Company has its headquarters in Hollywood, but have already opened offices wordwide, in Amsterdam, Mumbai and Seoul. For more information on The Quantum Storey Company or Operation YOU, take a look at their website. For all of the latest on VR, AR and the exciting new ways you can engage with the virtual world, stay on VRFocus.

Source Business Insider

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