QIYU VR Mobile VR Arm Tracking & 4K Video Software Detailed

iQIYI Intelligence has revealed its latest virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD), the QIYU VR II at the CES 2018, Las Vegas. As previously reported by VRFocus, the HMD supports 4320p, 7680 x 4320 video playback, but now iQIYI has offered more details on the software utilised for this as well as the VR videogame experiences on offer.

The independently developed 8K Kiwi Player is able to recognise VR content in various code formats, and is able to play UHD content of up to 8K in resolution. QIYU VR II offers a variety of video content by leveraging on iQIYI’s TOP1 resource pool in China’s video industry. A Wi-Fi connection is all the user needs to access over 10,000 movies, 20,000 programs with panoramic content, as well as hundreds of 8K/4K videos customised for QIYU VR II. The user can watch TV dramas like Nirvana in Fire 2 or My Huckleberry Friends, and also enjoy blockbusters like Marvel Cinematic Universe in 8K/4K via the QIYU VR II.

At the same time, QIYU VR II integrated the iMotion position and posture tracking device. By utilising armbands, the traditional VR controller can be directly upgraded from three degrees of freedom (3DoF) to 6DoF. All the motion information of an arm can be captured in real-time, which presents the user with a richer VR interaction experience.

QIYU-II software screenshot6DOF interaction also offers new videogame entertainment experiences, showcased at CES 2018 with the previously revealed Planet Dinosaur and a new title, Whac-A-Mole. QIYU VR II has also included the 6DOF position-tracking inside-out camera as an expansion component, an external add-on to the QIYU VR II that can be removed. It uses the algorithms of visual and inertia sensors and is able to detect head movement angles and information on mobile spatial positions without the need to set the external environment in advance.

As the leader in the internet service provider (ISP) industry in China, iQIYI Intelligence is showcasing iQIYI’s VR technologies and content ecosystem again at CES 2018. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on the QIYU VR II HMD and other VR projects from iQIYI.