Project Interactive AR from Your Smartphone with the Count Projector

Yinscorp Ltd. has revealed the Count Projector, a pico projector capable of transforming a smartphone into an interactive desktop augmented reality (AR) projector, at the CES 2018, Las Vegas. The projector delivers a brand-new user experience based on AR, projection mapping and interactive desktop technologies.

Yinscorp Count Projector

On display at CES 2018, the Count Projector is being showcased with a wide range of applications, from videogames to storytelling. African Animals: The Match is an AR playing card game that lets users summon the animals on the cards, interact with them, learn about their daily lives and battle against their friends. Storytelling Painter allows users to colour a character on paper, record voices and narratives to make a story and a projection mapping demo offers an animated building model that tells a story of a Christian missionary in 19th Century Taiwan.

Other applications include an AR multimedia player for video content and an AR pop-up book, upon which the animated characters are projected onto the book.

“Count projects virtual objects on to real ones so that the user can feel the texture of the real objects instead of a cold display panel,” said Kenneth Wu, Yinscorp LTD CEO and co-founder. “Technology is moving toward connecting people across distances and providing an immersive virtual/augmented reality user experience, but this trend unintentionally isolates people from their close families and friends. Count delivers technology designed to bring them back together.”

Through mirroring the display of a smartphone, Count expands the display size and reduces the blue light exposure to lessen eye strain. Furthermore, the projected desktop area allows two users to interact with the content simultaneously.

The pico-projector is rotatable and detachable, enabling multiple-angle projection. The maximum projection size is 120 inches diagonally.

Yinscorp Count Projector

The Count Projector does not yet have a specific release date, however Yinscorp Ltd. will launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in March 2018 to bring its product to market. The initial suggestion is that the device will cost around $499 USD. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on the Count Projector as the Kickstarter campaign approaches.