Plex Hits Google Daydream, Bringing More Media To Daydreamers

Being able to have access to all of your media from anywhere on your network is a wonderful thing, but for many people it’s still difficult to organise and access all of their media. Which is exactly why Plex is such a wonderful thing, making it simple to organise and view all of your content wherever you are on your network. Now though, you can witness Plex in virtual reality (VR).

plex vr

Many of you will probably be aware of the VR project Plevr, which looked to give users access to Plex in VR. Plex themselves admit in a new company blog that they were skeptical of Plevr when it launched unofficially, but after trying it themselves were very impressed. As a result, they’re now launching their own app, Plex VR, and you’ll be able to use it on Google Daydream.

In Plex VR you can enjoy watching content with friends, easy access to your content in virtual environments and more. You’ll even be able to voice chat with the friends you’re virtually watching movies with. Of course, there will be multiple environments in which to enjoy content in.

Plex sell the communal watching as being able to enjoy the same space as people anywhere in the world. Watching TV and movies together can be a great bonding experience, and with Plex, you can still have that experience regardless of wherever you are in the world. If it’s as immersive and impactful as they claim, it’ll be a great way to spend time with people that are far away.

Here’s a short list of features you’ll find on Plex VR on Google Daydream;

  • The ability to watch your Plex Media Server videos with friends, in real time, with voice chat!*
  • The ability to play local videos on your Android device (including 3D and 360/180 video)!
  • A fancy apartment that keeps itself clean, with fully automated, mechanized blinds.
  • A drive-in movie theater. The whole thing. For real.
  • Various conflict-free potted plants.
  • Bragging rights.
  • A kitten.

They do, however, go on to specify that there actually is no kitten. Which has significantly reduced the value of this product. But do keep reading VRFocus for all of the latest VR applications, when one includes a kitten, you’ll read about it here first.