Peraso Introduces New Wireless VR Reference Design

Peraso Technologies are one of the main industry names in WiGig technologies, and have been working on applying its research into 60 GHz WiGig in various areas, including wireless virtual reality (VR). The company has now unveiled its latest V125 WiGig Reference Design for wireless VR.

The V125 platform is designed to allow VR headsets to use 60 GHz WiGig connections to transmit data to and from PCs with low latency and high bandwidth. The WiGig technology allows for data transmission that is up to 10 times faster that traditional wi-fi.

Peraso’s V125 chipset has been created with a small form-factor and low power consumption demands and is said to work with most brands of high-end VR headsets, including ones using 3K resolution displays or inside-out tracking.

“Going wireless solves one of the biggest challenges with VR, which is giving users a completely unencumbered, free-moving experience,” said Anshel Sag, analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy. “WiGig makes this possible, while delivering significant performance advantages that make it a natural choice for wireless VR – both today and in the future.. This is why we expect to see WiGig VR starting to take off in 2018, and this is an early example of that.”

The V125 platform has an antenna specifically designed for VR, with specialised beam-tracking. This allows the VR experience to continue even if the user does not have line-of-sight to the source radio. Peraso offers an antenna separate from the Rf circuit to allow increased flexibility of placement.

“VR momentum is growing, and cutting the cord is the obvious next step in delivering the experience that was always intended, allowing users to move naturally and freely in virtual worlds with absolutely no degradation in performance,” said Ron Glibbery, President and CEO at Peraso. “When VR is finally untethered with WiGig, this promise becomes a reality, and the possibilities for consumer and enterprise VR use cases are endless. Our sole focus as a pure-play 60 GHz chipset provider is to build a high-performance WiGig VR ecosystem for users, and we’re working with headset and consumer electronics manufacturers globally that have integrated our V125 platform to do just that, with products that will be announced in 2018.”

Peraso will be demonstrating its WiGig technology at CES 2018 at its suite in the Westgate. VRFocus will also be present at the event, offering the latest news and hands-on report.