Nibiru Partner with InfinityAR For AR and MR Solutions

As the market for virtual reality (VR) and related technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR), companies are seeking to expand their reach with strategic partnerships with firms who have expertise in different areas of the market. Such is the case with the newly announced strategic collaboration between Nanjing Ruiyue Technology (also known as Nibiru) and InfinityAR.

Nibiru has been working with ODM and OEM electronics manufacturers to provide operating systems for VR/AR/MR, now the company is working with InfinityAR to provide a complete package for electronics manufacturers who may be looking into entering the market for AR/MR smart glasses.

InfinityAR have previously produced an advanced software engine developed specifically for augmented reality, and can offer Inside-Out simultaneous localisation and mapping, or SLAM for mixed reality headsets. The low-power and low-computational load means it works well for mobile platforms. The SLAM architecture will interface with the Nibiru VR/AR operating system to create a spatial user interface.

The two companies plan to create a mixed reality headset which is both lightweight and affordable. The partnership will seek to utilise Nibiru’s position as a known innovator in China in order to raise interest and promote its new MR headset system.

It is expected that Nibiru and InfinityAR will be producing a reference design to be used by manufacturers with whom Nibiru already has a relationship. Details an on specifications for the proposed mixed reality headset are yet to emerge, however.

Nibiru CEO Vincent Lai said: “With the launch of the “One Belt One Road” initiative, cooperation and technology exchange between China and Israel is continuously growing. Our collaboration with InfinityAR is a testament to that. We are combining our competitive advantage to bring a superb offering to the market.. Both companies share the passion for leveraging technological innovation to improve human lives.”

“We are excited to be partnering with Nibiru, a top player in mobile VR ,” says Motti Kushnir, The CEO of InfinityAR. “Together, through this partnership, we will drive the much sought-after sustainable mass production of AR glasses, and fulfill our vision of staying at the forefront of AR innovation and providing a natural user experience, all at an affordable price, and without compromising quality.”

Any further news on the collaboration between InfinityAR and Nibiru will be right here on VRFocus.