XR Games Receive $2.6m Investment from Global Merces

We just might be getting some brand new experiences based on our favourite franchises and licenses soon, thanks to a massive investment in the new virtual reality (VR) and mobile game developer, XR Games.

Global Merces, an Australian venture capital, has made the $2.6 million USD invesment in XR Games, and Global Merces’ Adam Schoff has joined the XR Games’ board to ensure the international media strategy is on-brand.

Bobby Thandi is XR Games’ Co-Founder and CEO, and his experience working on projects and licenses from DreamWorks, Mattel, Disney, BBC, PBS KIDS, and other leading companies is essential to XR Games’ future success. Most of the money will be used to expand XR Games’ team with experienced and professional designers, developers and artists.

Thandi is of course positive and hopeful for the future of XR Games, saying; “Soon we’ll announce fantastic new additions to our team, well-known names in the gaming world attracted by the trust and investment from Global Merces. This strong XR team will design and develop mobile and arcade VR games that we’d love to play ourselves and that are true to our partners’ much-loved IPs.”

It sounds like Thandi and the team at XR Games already have some strong ideas on what kind of VR experiences they want to develop, with Adam Schoff sharing some enlightening and hopeful words on the kinds of things we’ll see from XR Games: “We’re excited to invest in Bobby Thandi and the team at XR Games. Their business plan for generating revenues in the VR space really stood out to us, and they have an undeniable pedigree of making games for world famous IPs that are enjoyed by millions of players. I’m looking forward to supporting the team as a director.”

XR Games are also teasing some brand new staff hires. Hopefully we’ll see more from Bobby Thandi’s team and XR Games in the near future with some brand new VR experiences.

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