New Guide Aims To Support Businesses Into Immersive Technology

With immersive technology such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) being relatively new on the scene, some companies, both large and small, are having difficulties in knowing how to react to the new technology, and finding ways it can benefit. A newly released guide produced by Moonshot by Pactera Digital aims to assist in this area.

Moonshot by Pactera Digital is described as an ‘innovation outpost’ for digital products, and its new publication, The Executive Guide to Immersive Reality has been created to help decision makers understand how the technology can be used to support business growth.

Research has already suggested that business that fail to engage with customers using immersive technology such as AR could face a downtick in revenue, while others have suggested that the gradual merger of real and virtual products is an inevitability. Various business sectors have already begun using AR and VR technology for various uses, such as training, computer-aided design, technical support and remote conferencing.

Jeff Kirk, founder and vice president of Moonshot said: “Moonshot believes that immersive reality has the opportunity to fuel business growth through the creation of customer-centric lovable products. The key to creating lovable products with immersive reality is to use an agile development process rooted in customer empathy.”

The Executive Guide to Immersive Reality has drawn on research and Moonshot’s direct client experience to define the various forms of immersive technology in clear language, and also offers useful features such as a guide to assessing immersive content, ways to tests and learn using AR/VR/MR and a checklist to asses a company’s level of preparation for exploring immersive technology.

“Applying immersive reality to fuel business growth with lovable products is achievable now,” said Kirk. “Using the right development process allows a business to test the rapidly evolving forms of immersive reality in a more cost-effective way.”

A full copy of the report can be acquired by visiting the website.

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