New Foot-Powered Controller 3dRudder Blackhawk to be Unveiled at CES 2018

Virtual reality (VR) demands new control methods, which is why we’re seeing such innovation with controllers, such as the PlayStation Move controllers and the Oculus Touch controllers. But for the enterprising company 3dRudder, that’s not enough. In fact, they demand more ways to be able to interact with the virtual world. They demand you are able to do so with your feet.

The 3dRudder Blackhawk is a new motion controller you use with your feet, so you can comfortably use room-scale VR in a smaller space. You sit in your chair while using your feet to move yourself around a room-scale experience, all while having the benefits of being sat at a desk. Sure, it takes away some of the fun immersion from room scales experiences, but not everyone has the space to be able to dedicate to it, despite wanting to.

It has some brand new features, including an “Active Dead Zone” which helps the controller be more reactive to sudden, quick movements and won’t spin you for a loop if you get a bit excitable. You also get flashy LEDs and foot straps in the new model, to keep you from losing your place while in the VR world.

On top of that, 3dRudder is introducing two foot kits to enable users of existing 3dRudder foot controllers to upgrade, foot straps and all.

You can already use the 3dRudder in games such as DOOM VFR and Fallout 4, allowing you to navigate Mars or even the wasteland with your just feet. Truly the future.

The new 3dRudder Blackhawk will debut at CES 2018, Las Vegas. 3dRudder will also be receiving a CES 2018 Innovation Award, which they have won three years in a row. An incredible streak.

“It is truly an honor to have received the CES 2018 Innovation Award for the 3dRudder BlackHawk,” said Stanislas Chesnais, CEO 3dRudder. “The new design, including leds and foot straps, coupled with the Active Dead zone functionality represents a step forward in the VR foot motion controller technology that we started developing 4 years ago and a new standard for all VR accessories.”

We can’t wait to try the Blackhawk for ourselves. For all of the latest from CES 2018, make sure to keep reading VRFocus.