Multiverse Entertainment Gives Seeking Dawn Closed Beta Status Update

About a week ago on VRFocus we brought you news regarding the Multiverse Entertainment’s first virtual reality (VR) title. The sci-fi role-playing game (RPG) called Seeking Dawn. At the time the studio revealed that it was announcing the roll out of Closed Beta and pre-order applications for the end of this month. Now being at the end of January, Multiverse Entertainment have contacted VRFocus to update you with the latest regarding this Closed Beta.

Seeking DawnAn action survival videogame, Seeking Dawn is set in a future where humanity has colonised the stars; players though find themselves in the middle of a war for independence between the warring factions of the corrupt United Federation of Sol (UFS) and the military might of the Republic of Alpha Centauri (RAC).

Junior Ferreira, Digital Media Manager of Multiverse Entertainment’s North American branch has confirmed to VRFocus that further to that previously discussed the developers are now guaranteeing entrance to the Closed Beta for anyone that pre-orders Seeking Dawn.

Seeking Dawn looks set to be one of the bigger VR videogames – at least in terms of length. With a minimum of 10 hours to complete the main campaign it will take up to 100 hours to finish the game, factoring in all the various crafting, cooking, treasure hunting, exploring and other quests that need completing. The title will be coming out on the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and possibly other headsets in the future.

Seeking DawnVRFocus tried out the title at last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event, and even at an early stage there was definite promise. As Peter Graham explained in his preview: “The design and proposition of Seeking Dawn is certainly impressive, there’s a lot going on and the short demo barely even scratched the surface of what Multiverse Entertainment are trying to do. If the title wants to be a great experience for VR users then it does need some polish – and hopefully more movement options – but it does seem to be going in the right direction.”

We’ll give you more information regarding Seeking Dawn as we hear it. Stay tuned to VRFocus for the latest.