MolanisVR Hopes to Offer Flexibility in 360 Editing

The rise of virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree video means that many companies have entered the market, offering a broad range of products in various price points to appeal to many budgets, meaning that an increasing number of people are becoming 360-degree content creators. However, recording the video is just the first step. For editing, a new tool is now on the market from MolanisVR.

MolanisVR Flexible 360 Degree Editing allows users to edit 360-degree footage into a complete immersive experience, or convert it into high-quality 2D video using features such as Little Planet or OverCapture in an effort to bring an increased range of options to content creators.

For those wanting to add a little extra to the videos, MolanisVR editing suite comes with a range of effects, including the ability to add text or additional 2D images to the video, so users can add text captions or commentary without fear of distortion. There are even animation opens so keyframe animation of images, text or even the 360-degree footage itself can be animated to produce a specific effect. Other features include 360-degree video stabilisation colour correction, horizon alignment, and the ability to insert regular 2D videos into a 3D video.

As with most high-end editing software, MolanisVR allows users to create project files to manage multiple tracks as well as additional videos, images, sound effects, music and objects. The software can handle 360-degree video editing for 4K resolutions and maintain that high-quality when exporting the final product. Exports can be in multiple formats or headsets, supporting most common headsets such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard. The software will automatically add in the correct YouTube metadata.

A full license for Molanis 360 VR Video Editor can be bought from the MolanisVR website. The software is currently available for $69 (USD), a discount from the usual price of $199.

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