Matterport’s Immersive 3D VR Platform Gets Faster Space Capture and Google Street View Features

Matterport customers are about to get a few more features to enhance the speed and accuracy at which they can use the software. Matterport’s thousands of customers should find a few more business opportunities opening up soon, with faster space capture thanks to new camera firmware, and introduction of Google Street View publishing.

Both initiatives are currently in beta, but are expected to help customers in the restaurant, retail, travel, hospitality, real estate, architecture, construction and engineering industries.

We’ve recently seen Matterport help with Virtual Housing Spaces. The busy company have also been expanding their platform globally.

With the Google Street View publishing beta, Matterport users will easily be able to convert their Matterport 3D Space into an experience that can be exported and show up on Google Maps, Google Earth and Street View as panoramic photo tours, giving potential customers browsing the local area much more insight into the businesses in that area.

Matterport CEO Bill Brown believes this Google Street View publishing beta will enhance the value of Matterport to its existing customers, and simplify the publishing process; “Google Street View publishing and faster space capture are two of the many initiatives that greatly increase the value of Matterport for camera operators, as well as businesses that want to use Google to drive people to their websites. Matterport is the solution of choice for all types of businesses because our automation makes it easy for anyone to quickly capture a space and get a high-quality 3D environment. Now this content can be experienced as a Matterport immersive 3D environment on a business’ website and can also be used to published as a Google Street View experience on Google Maps, Google Earth, or mobile Street View.”

The software essentially automates and eases the process of creating and publishing panoramic photo galleries, all of which can be done with the Matterport camera and software. No additional hardware or software required – a relief for anyone who has previously had to use several cameras and additional editing to achieve a similar effect in the past.

And even the base process of creating a Matterport 3D Space will be easier than ever before, thanks to new firmware which speeds up the camera rotation, enabling the camera to scan 3D spaces in a fraction of the time it did previously.

The firmware update is of course free, and will work for all Pro2 and Pro Matterport cameras. The quality of images will remain unchanged. You can see the new firmware in action at the link below.

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