Light Field Lab Close $7 Million Seed Round for its Holographic Display Tech

Holographic display specialist Light Field Lab, founded by three ex-employees from Lytro, has announced the successful completion of a $7 million USD seed round led by Khosla Ventures and Sherpa Capital with participation from R7 Partners.

Light Field Lab

Light Field Lab is looking to build a device that can create real 3D holographic objects in you living room without the aid of accessories or head-mounted gear, eventually evolving those holograms into interactive objects. It’ll use the funding to complete a prototype of its light field display systems.

“Light Field Lab has the potential to change the way we view and interact with media,” said Vinod Khosla, Founder, Khosla Ventures. “This is essentially the holy grail of optical display technology, enabling things that seem like science fiction to be possible today. We are thrilled to be in on the ground floor with the team, and look forward to helping evolve this exciting technology.”

The company’s holographic experiences will be for both professional and consumer markets with an end-to-end system, which will ultimately include modular holographic video walls with up to hundreds of gigapixels of resolution. The company will initially target large format location-based entertainment venues, ultimately bringing a version of its holographic technologies to consumers.

“Projecting holograms is just the beginning,” said Jon Karafin, CEO, Light Field Lab. “We are building the core modules to enable a real-world Holodeck. The strategic guidance offered by our investors is critical to enable these breakthrough technologies.”

Founded in 2017 by Jon Karafin, Brendan Bevensee, and Ed Ibe, Light Field Lab envisions a holographic future, aiming to do this by building upon the founders collective expertise of light field technology innovation. As development continues VRFocus will keep you updated on the latest announcements.