Life In 360°: What’s In a Model’s Closet?

Whether it is the middle of your working week or just another day in the endless cycle – welcome to Wednesday. Wednesday means another visit to the world of 360 degree video courtesy of our regular segment Life In 360°. We’re putting aside what was going to be our musical journey until Friday and instead looking at something we’ve, to my knowledge anyway, never looked into on this section of the website.  Oh, we’ve had stories related to the topic certainly but nothing directly like this.

Vogue - LogoWe’re heading into the world of fashion for today’s example of 360 degree video courtesy of a short video from Vogue. Now I can’t claim to be the pinnacle of sartorial elegance, but as many in the industry know VRFocus‘ editor Kevin J is never seen without a smart suit. I can confirm though that I have seen him in a pair of jeans, proving (though some will highly doubt this fact) that he does indeed wear other things.

Back to the matter at hand though: the closet of Taylor Hill, American model Victoria’s Secret ‘Angel’ and at one time or another representative down the catwalk of pretty much every major fashion house you can name – Armani, Versace, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, the names go on and on. Quite the resume is under six years.

At the end of December Hill invited Vogue to take a look inside her closet with a 360 degree camera. Which is apparently a thing people do. Of course, when it comes to her closet, being a model, it’s is basically a small bedroom. Actually, it looks even bigger than my office. Shoes and bags line the walls, hats are placed (not deliberately in the slightest) haphazardly on the floor and there are more dresses, tops and other items than is surely feasible.

However – in this instance there’s just so much to see crammed into the room that in actuality the 360 degree video is extremely handy. If you have ever seen the film Minority Report you may recall the detective examining a crime scene and hat he called an ‘orgy of evidence’ – so much evidence that it almost too much. This is an orgy of evidence of modelling.  There are things to see everywhere and you’ll probably be still examining things by the time the video finishes.

It’s certainly something different. VRFocus will be back on Friday for another Life In 360°.  We’ll see you then.