Life In 360°: The TRVLR Has Come…

When you think about it the world is a pretty amazing place. Small in the grand scheme of things the Earth has defied the odds, pulled together from space dust, survived a big fight with another planet when it was younger (and even got a moon out of it), brought about life, nurtured it, took countless wallops along the way before another biggie which wiped out all that life it had. Before it dusted itself off and started again and before long there was everything from wheels to fire, book, boats, the bassoon and the 1981 Cincinnati Bengals.

Wherever you go there’s different people from different walks of life, enduring different weather, taking on different challenges and going about their different lives. Yet truth be told, despite all we know about the Earth, we still only know a fraction of its secrets and there’s so much to the world we do know that individually we don’t.


A series that looks into some of the little-known wonders of the world has just launched in full, would be Discovery TRVLR. A 38 episode virtual reality (VR) series from the VR teams of both Discovery and Google. So, if you’re currently like me, battening down the hatches because a winter storm is raging outside and you’re wondering hoping the heating kicks in relatively soon – why not take a little trip beyond all of that out into the world without having to even stroll out the front door? You might even learn one or two things along the way.

All chapters of Discovery TRVLR have now launched, meaning you can now take journeys in 360 degrees to all manner of cultures across North America, South America, Asia, Australia, Africa, Antarctica and Europe to take in some of the unique customs, traditions and rituals that make up the different peoples of the world.

Or as they put it: “Discovery TRVLR is an epic virtual reality series off the beaten path. Get ready to explore mind-blowing locations and experiences as if you were there yourself. In the first season make a stop on every continent. Visit Auckland, Hanoi, Mexico City, Yerevan, Cape Town, La Paz and Antarctica, and meet gurus, entertainers, renegades and explorers, as they stretch the boundaries of their cultures. Enjoy the trip.”

To view it you’ll need access to YouTube (an example of which is below), the Discovery VR app or http://www.discovery.com/trvlr, the latter of which should be yout first stop to discover more about it.

VRFocus will be back on Monday with another item about Life In 360°.