Life In 360°: Paris In The Fall

We’ve spent a lot of time in America recently with our 360 degree videos. When we get a clump with a common but unintended constant I do try and intervene and break things up a bit, hence we had our selection of water-based videos recently after spending so much time in the air. In order to get away from various parts of America – we’re back there again on Friday – I’m instead taking you all off to the City of Lights. No, not Las Vegas. Paris, capital of France, and the most romantic city in the world.

American writer Anaïs Nin said of Paris “Sometimes I think of Paris not as a city but as a home. Enclosed, curtained, sheltered, intimate. The sound of rain outside the window, the spirit and the body turned towards intimacy, to friendships and loves. One more enclosed and intimate day of friendship and love, an alcove. Paris intimate like a room. Everything designed for intimacy. Five to seven was the magic hour of the lovers’ rendezvous. Here it is the cocktail hour.”

Likewise, Ernest Hemingway’s book A Moveable Feast he declared that “There is never any ending to Paris, and the memory of each person who has lived in it differs from that of any other. Paris was always worth it, and you received return for whatever you brought to it.”

Our autumnal trip is courtesy of NowThis and Samsung’s Unframed series of videos using the Gear360 camera. Beginning with a riverboat trip before moving on to Gustave Eiffel’s world-famous tower, it’s a whistle-stop tour throughout the city. Popping in at a boulangerie (or is it a pâtisserie?) along the way and generally having a great time.

“We spent a dreamy fall day exploring Paris. It was all of our favourite things in one place: beautiful sights, flaky pastries, and falling leaves as far as the eye could see.” said NowThis. Yes, the pastries might well leave you tempted. Best not look at them too long when that bit plays.

VRFocus will be back with another example of 360 degree video in a couple of days when we’ll be sitting on a river bank and having a bit of a breather from the world.