Life In 360°: Icelandic Air

Well, this is it. The last Life In 360° post under our ‘Christmas Mode’ for another 50 weeks or there about. It’s the very last day we’re on our more limited timetable and as of tomorrow we’re back into normality with Life In 360° posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:00 AM (UK Time) and more importantly our usual hourly updates with news, features and videos aplenty.

So, we’ve now come to the end of our festive period and we’ve had quite a couple of weeks. During this time there’s been, for the most part a very definitive theme of Christmas, holiday festivities, snow and ice. Apart from that day we had cats, I guess. Nevermind that for now though.  Since we’ve been focusing on all things cold, (I mean we went to Antarctica at one point),I thought it only made sense to go to somewhere whose very name is synonymous with cold to end our two week run.

That place of course is Iceland.

Now we have been to Iceland a couple of times before on Life In 360° for one reason or another but this year, with CCP Games backing away from producing virtual reality (VR) content the likelihood of the VRFocus team heading in that direction for anything other than a connecting flight has nosedived spectacularly. Which is a shame because it’s a very pretty country indeed. It may seem sparse in a lot of places but heading out for a walk when you’re visiting is quite simply the best decision you’ll make on that jaunt.

Ryan Whitehead is responsible for today’s video, as he has us dangling from a helicopter. As we fly over rivers, mountains, fields full of horses, scattered rocks and more.  It’s all quite the sight and an interesting comparison to a 360 degree video we had on here not that long ago – one when we were dangling from a microlight over North Korea’s capital city.

You can see the video below. Tomorrow being Wednesday we’re back in our usual timeslot for another video which will be distinctly off from our recent theme. We’ll see you then.