Life In 360°: Back Into The Deep

On last Friday’s jaunt into the world of 360 degree video we had a couple of videos from educational and social YouTube channel Digital Explorer. Both videos invovled going somewhere we’d not been in the series for some time, namely underneath the ocean. With a first video showing the launch of a Triton Submarines deep ocean manned submersible and the second video then using it to take a trip underneath the waves and into the unknown. Where among other things the crew got up close with what was essentially an underwater mountain.

Now we’re going to see the other two videos in the series. Since the submarine was launched last time we’ll see it being recovered and how that differs, and we’ll also be doing some more exploring of the visible life under the seas. So it’s back to Bermuda, folks!

First up: “Join Kenny and Dave as they head out in the chase boat to start the post-dive submersible recovery process in this 360° video. We think you’ll agree they make it look pretty easy, but it’s not! This video was filmed as part of the first Nekton Mission to explore the deep ocean habitats around Bermuda and the Northwest Atlantic, delivering the XL Catlin Deep Ocean Survey.”

Next we go back underwater with the submarine – in fact we’ve got the launching from the point of view of being inside the sub: “Experience diving in a submarine to explore the deep ocean. This video was filmed during the first Nekton Mission to investigate the seamounts around Bermuda as part of the XL Catlin Deep Ocean Survey.”

So after a couple of visits below the ocean it’s time to hang up our oxygen tanks for a while as we’re going off on our travels again for Wednesday’s edition of Life In 360° . As for where exactly we will all end up? Well let’s just say we’re heading to America again and we’re going to be enjoying some music, among other things.

Be sure to check back throughout the week on VRFocus for the very latest news and features from around the world.  Until next time.